The plateau du Vellan

The plateau du Vellan

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The plateau du Vellan is a place of great ecological, patrimonial and landscape diversity. This walk offers you the opportunity to discover in a few kilometers many riches of the valley of the Gervanne, including the famous and remarkable Gorges d'Omblèze.
This hike will make you discover different atmospheres:

From the plateau du Vellan and its cross, with a magnificent 360 ° panorama from the Cevennes to the
plateau du Vercors , to the narrow Gorges d'Omblèze, a site classified by the state as grandiose as wild.

2 points of interest

  • The Moulin de la Pipe

    The Moulin de la Pipe, named after a miller of the early twentieth century, Jean Géry, who was a great smoker and who was nicknamed "Jean de la Pipe". But on the Napoleonic cadastre, it is referenced under the historical name of "Moulin de Léaussel".After the flood of 1914 which carried off the canal, the dam and the mill installations, Jean de la Pipe sold the building to a resident of the Pescher du Bas. The purchaser Gagnol Adonis and his wife Julienne, born Bouillanne, transformed the Moulin into an inn from 1918. In 1935, they in turn gave it to Auguste Rey and Marie Bouvat of the hamlet of Ansage who exploited it for a year.In 1936, René Belle, who came from the Royans Isérois, bought them the Moulin. Advised by a traveling grocer of the valley, he launched the same year in the creation of an industrial dairy, producing butter and cheese with the milk collected in the neighboring communes.Meanwhile, the activity of the Inn could be maintained thanks to the excellent Georgette Charbonnel who prepared daily meals for workers and travelers. After providing employment to the inhabitants of Omblèze and the neighboring communes for half a century, the dairy experienced financial difficulties, so that it had to cease its activity in 1983. Georgette Charbonnel, the famous chef of the Moulin, which became a local celebrity, will have delighted the inhabitants of the region as well as the tourists from 1936 to 1985. She left the Pipe in 1986, where she lived and worked for 49 years.
  • The Gorges d'Omblèze

    The Gorges d'Omblèze result from the erosion of the limestone plateau by the Gervanne, this incision made perpendicularly to the mountain is called a cluse. Here, water is omnipresent, with waterfalls and lush vegetation that bring freshness on hot summer days. Part of the Gorges is regulated (classified site).


Departure from the village of Plan-de-Baix (parking). Take the GR 9 route which runs north to Rimont 1, then turn right and join Sous le Vellan 2 and Le Vellan 3. Go to the cross of the Vellan where one of the most beautiful panoramas of the region is offered to you. Continue on the GR 9 which crosses the whole plateau of the Vellan for nearly five kilometers to reach the crossroads of the Cote 999 meters 4. Leaving the GR to continue its route towards Léoncel, turn right (itinerary of the Grand tour du Vercors à pied) and descend gradually by a nice undergrowth path until the crossing of Grand Cros 5 then Baume Noire 6 , You enter the classified site of Gorges d'Omblèze 7. To the south, take the road (RD 578) which goes up towards Plan-de-Baix. Leave the latter in a corner (always follow the yellow-green markings) and take the path in the underbrush, which allows to gradually return to Plan-de-Baix, passing close to a few isolated dwellings. Returning to the road, crossing it and continuing until the crossing of Vialaret 8 then Les Perriers 9, the village is then ready.
  • Departure : Plan-de-Baix village (parking)
  • Arrival : Plan-de-Baix village (parking)
  • Towns crossed : Plan-de-Baix, Le Chaffal, and Omblèze


Altimetric profile

Sensitive areas

Along your trek, you will go through sensitive areas related to the presence of a specific species or environment. In these areas, an appropriate behaviour allows to contribute to their preservation. For detailed information, specific forms are accessible for each area.
Impacted practices:
DREAL Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Egyptian vulture

Impacted practices:
, ,
Sensitivity periods:

Peregrine falcon

Impacted practices:
Sensitivity periods:


Beware in rainy weather, some technical passages can be delicate and slippery!


Use the passageways to cross the fences, close the gates and barriers out of respect for pastoral and agricultural activities.


Stay on the marked paths is also respect private property.

Information desks

Place du Général de Gaulle, 26400 Crest 75 25 11 38

Route de Plan-de-Baix, 26400 Beaufort-sur-Gervanne 75 25 11 38

Access and parking

From Crest, take the direction of Beaufort-sur-Gervanne by the D 93 then the D 70.

After Beaufort-sur-Gervanne, follow the D 70 towards Plan-de-Baix, parking in the village.

Parking :

Parking in the heart of the village

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