Plateau de Sornin - Dent du Loup

Plateau de Sornin - Dent du Loup

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Discover the viewpoint of the Dent du Loup and the Plateau de Sornin. Perched at 1500 meters above sea level, it overlooks a part of the Isère valley.
After a first part in the forest, discover the wide spaces of the Sornin plateau. Between meadows and lapiaz, enjoy magnificent views of the Isère valley, with the Chartreuse and the Belledonne massif as a backdrop.

5 points of interest

  • The plateau of Sornin

    The plateau of Sornin is part of a Sensitive Natural Area (ENS) "La Molière-Sornin". It is a prairie of estive subject to the problematic of the development of spruces that close the environment. As a result, a policy to restore the Sornin meadow has been put in place to keep this environment open and to preserve the biodiversity of the site as well as possible.
  • The Black Grouse

    The black grouse takes its name from the superb tail in the form of a lyre which is provided by the male. It frequents the edge between the upper limit of the forest and the alpine lawns. It is a fierce and very discreet bird for much of the year. It remains hidden in the vegetation cover, moving by walking in search of small invertebrates, berries or seeds. In winter, this varied diet leaves room for coniferous needles and buds. It is in spring, with the nuptial dancing of the male, that these birds are more visible and noisy.
  • The Gouffre Berger

    Beneath your feet is one of the largest subterranean networks of the Vercors, that of the Gouffre Berger. His discovery in 1953 by J. Berger led to a formidable human adventure which led in 1956 to the crossing of the coast -1000 meters, the first of the world speleology. The adventure is not over because the connection with the Cuves of Sassenage is always actively sought!
  • The shepherd's hut

    Herds have been kept on the Sornin for a long time. The communal shepherds already kept oxen and bulls, and from 1935 to 1985, 6,000 sheep grazed in the summer. Today, the 1,800 sheep that still make up the herd liven up this mountain pasture where the panorama is truly exceptional. It was in 2004 that the first wolf attack took place in the Sornin, and since the mountain dogs stand guard.
  • The Dent du Loup

    You are at one of the northern extremities of the Vercors, overlooking more than 1200 meters Grenoble and the valley of the Isère. A superb panorama over the Chartreuse awaits you, as well as a beautiful view of the northern barrier of the Vercors, including the cliffs of the Buffe and the Sure on the left.


Departure from the parking of the Leisure Center of Engins. Follow the yellow and green markings at first before taking the GR 9. Take the path that goes up in the forest towards La Croisette 1. At this crossing, follow the GR9 which will take you to Sornin 2 by a forest road, then turn left to reach La Cote 1545 meters 3. Rally the Dent du Loup 5 through Plateau de Sornin 4. From there, a superb panorama awaits you (be careful, cliff edge!). To return, head towards the Hamlet of Sornin 6 passing by the crossroads Plateau de Sornin. Then take the path that descends into the forest towards Fournel 7, then continue for a short time on the road to the Center of Leisure (700 meters approximately).
  • Departure : Leisure Center of Engins
  • Arrival : Leisure Center of Engins
  • Towns crossed : Engins and Sassenage


Altimetric profile

Sensitive areas

Along your trek, you will go through sensitive areas related to the presence of a specific species or environment. In these areas, an appropriate behaviour allows to contribute to their preservation. For detailed information, specific forms are accessible for each area.
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Nathalie LECRIVAIN Chargée de mission ENS Molière-Sornin
Pauline D'Adamo - Animatrice Natura 2000
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Fédération des Alpages de l’Isère
Parc du Vercors


Be careful on the edge of cliffs!

You are going to go through the summer pastures, maybe you will meet protective dogs, often Patou. Always be sure to bypass the herds, while remaining calm while the dog identifies you, not caressing or threatening them. If you have a dog (not recommended), keep it on a leash.

Use the passageways to cross the fences, close the gates and barriers, stay on the marked paths.

Staying on marked paths also means respecting private property.

Information desks

49 route du Vercors, 38880 Autrans-Méaudre-en Vercors 76 95 30 70

246 avenue Léopold Fabre, 38250 Lans-en-Vercors 76 95 42 62

Access and parking

From Grenoble, take the D531 towards Engins. At Engins, take the D531B then the road from the hamlet of Fournel to the leisure center (parking).

Parking :

Parking in front of the leisure center

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