The Tour de Chevalet

The Tour de Chevalet

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Walk through the wide open spaces of several important alpine pastures. From the passes of Tournerond and La Chante, admire the sumptuous panorama of the peaks surrounding you, you will leave with unforgettable images full head.
The alpine pastures offer a bucolic setting for this hike all in perspective: open view, feel fullness, privileged field of observation of griffon vultures and alpine fauna in general.

3 points of interest

  • RTM Works

    In 1860, the Mountain Range Restoration (RTM) services were created, in order to avoid excessive erosion and runoff phenomena, causing torrential lava flows. In order to do so, a policy of reforestation has been launched, as well as the setting of thresholds in the areas of flow. The restoration was particularly important in the Diois.
  • Col de Tournerond

    One of the mountainous borders between the Trièves and the Diois, the Col de Tournerond offers a view of the peaks and ridges surrounding: the Rogon, the Jocou ...
  • Griffon vulture

    Perhaps you will have the chance to observe the griffon vulture. Reintroduced in the Vercors in 1999, this scavenger can weigh more than 10 kilos and have a wingspan up to 2m80. The vultures search where the herds are, in search of food.


At the Pont des Amayères (parking), take the path that enters the gorges towards the Bergeries des Amayères 1. To the sheepfolds, the valley separates in two, take the left one which goes towards the Valle de Tranchemule 2, go along a small stream. After crossing the Vallon de Tranchemule, the trail stiffens to reach the Col de Tournerond 3. Join the Col de la Chante 4 crossing the alpine slopes to your right. Once on the ridge, you will descend to the pass. Leave the ridge and descend into the hollow of the valley to reach La Cassa 5. The trail, leading to the foot of the Chevalet mountain, widens and continues for a moment flat, then descends to the crossing of the Reservoir 6. From there, continue straight, cross the hamlet of Sièzes 7 and Chemin des Miellons 8. In the first turn of the road, a path allows to cut the laces to join the Pont des Amayères more quickly.
  • Departure : Pont des Amayères, Lus-la-Croix-Haute
  • Arrival : Pont des Amayères, Lus-la-Croix-Haute
  • Towns crossed : Lus-la-Croix-Haute


Altimetric profile


You are on summery areas, maybe you will meet protective dogs, often Patous. Always make sure to bypass the herds, while remaining calm the time the dog identify you, do not pet or threaten them. If you have a dog, hold it on a leash.

Use the passageways to cross the fences, close the gates and barriers out of respect for pastoral and agricultural activities.


Stay on the marked paths is also respect private property.

Be careful, the route is mainly in the mountain pastures, the trail is sometimes not very marked and may be confused with the traces left by the herds.

Information desks

10 Place des Lucioles, 26620 Lus-la-Croix-Haute

http://www.diois-tourisme.comluslacroixhaute@diois-tourisme.com04 92 58 51 85

Access and parking

From the E712 / D1075, take the D505 towards Lus-la-Croix-Haute, then follow the D753 towards "Amayères".

Parking :

Close to the Pont des Amayères

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