The Grand Veymont from the plateau de Beure
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The Grand Veymont from the plateau de Beure

The Grand Veymont from the plateau de Beure

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Go and conquer the Grand Veymont, the main and emblematic summit of the Vercors with its 2,341 meters. This unforgettable walk offers you some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Vercors.
This long hike is one of the most beautiful in the Vercors. You will gradually leave the slopes of the Col de Rousset station to reach the large wilderness of the Hauts-Plateaux du Vercors. The forest gradually gives way to pastures and their bucolic atmosphere. As the climb towards the Grand Veymont, the environment becomes more and more mineral, it is the domain of the ibexes that you will perhaps have the chance to observe. From the summit, the panorama is grand.

5 points of interest

The Belvedere

At the crossroads of the Belvedere, a 360 ° panorama spreads around you. To the north and east, the Hauts-Plateaux du Vercors nature reserve encompasses the Grand Veymont range, the summit of the massif.

Created in 1985 by decree of the Prime Minister, it is a powerful tool for the protection of nature. Covering 17,000 hectares (34,000 football fields), it is the largest terrestrial nature reserve (there are larger marine reserves) in metropolitan France. Sworn guards welcome the public, carry out naturalistic research protocols, assist transhumant shepherds and are responsible for enforcing regulations.

Behind you, in the south-west, the valley of the Vernaison, the plateau of Vassieux and the alpine pastures of Font d'Urle close the horizon. The most distant summits to the north are in Chartreuse, beyond the basin of Grenoble.
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At the crossroads of several important trails, the Cabin de Pre Peyret is one of the most frequented of the massif. Located at the entrance of the high plateaus at 1600 m, this unguarded stone hut can accommodate 10 people for the night. It has a stove.

The place exudes an old tradition of welcome because it is an old cabaret where those who were penniless went to drink at the Fountain of the Endettés, which bears his name well.
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The Roman quarries

To the north-east of the Pre Peyret hut, on the Queyrie plain, an attentive eye can discover the remains of Roman quarries: fragments of columns, broken rocks ... Nearly 2,000 years ago, The man exploited this hard limestone, cut it on the spot, to descend it to Die by the Pas de Chabrinel. All this with more than rudimentary means ....
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Cabane of Aiguillettes

The cabin of the Aiguillettes is a former shepherd's hut dating back to the time when the pastoral units were smaller. This hut, open to the public, accommodates only 4 people by tightening a little and does not have a stove.
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The Grand Veymont

The highest point of the Vercors with its 2341 m, the Grand Veymont dominates the Trièves in the east and the Hauts Plateaux of the Vercors in the west. It is a continuation of the eastern barrier of the Vercors. It is limited to the north by the Pas de la Ville (1925 m), which allows the link between the Hauts-Plateaux and the Trièves, and to the south by the Pas des Chattons (1828 m). Included in the Hauts-Plateaux reserve of the Vercors, it hosts a rich biodiversity, including numerous ibexes.
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The departure of this magnificent hike takes place at the Parking de Beure. 1, où une magnifique vue sur le massif vous attend.">Climb towards the Belvedere 1, where a magnificent view of the massif is waiting for you. 3 par le GR 93, en passant par le Pas des Econdus 2.">From there, follow Pre Peyret 3 by the GR 93, passing by the Pas des Econdus 2. Be careful, you will enter the Hauts-Plateaux du Vercors Nature Reserve. Open to all, this space of freedom requires to be protected, respected and placed under the benevolence of each visitor. Voluntarily low development and restricted mark-up require some commitment on the ground. From Pre Peyret, the path is no longer marked, but is well marked, continue east-northeast, you will gradually climb to reach the vast plain of Queyrie. Continue on your way to the northeast (well-marked path), Mont-Aiguille will then offer you to the east, after a short descent join the foot of the Grand Veymont (towards the north) which stands in front you. 4 à 2341 m.">The path goes up in laces, then in a more rectilinear way to reach the summit 4 at 2341 m. 5 présente quelques passages délicats.">The descent towards the Pas de la Ville 5 presents some delicate passages. 6 et le GR91, suivre le GR vers le sud pour une longue traversée des Haut-plateaux (8 km) et rejoindre Pré Peyret.">From the Pas de la Ville, take the direction of the west, to join La Chau 6 and the GR91, follow the GR towards the south for a long crossing of Haut-plateaux (8 km) and join Pré Peyret. From there, the return journey takes place on the same route as on the way.
Departure : Beure parking, Saint-Agnan-en-Vercors
Arrival : Beure parking, Saint-Agnan-en-Vercors
Towns crossed : Saint-Agnan-en-Vercors, Gresse-en-Vercors, Chichilianne

Altimetric profile

Sensitive areas

Along your trek, you will go through sensitive areas related to the presence of a specific species or environment. In these areas, an appropriate behaviour allows to contribute to their preservation. For detailed information, specific forms are accessible for each area.
Black grouse - winter
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Impacted practices:
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Please note that you will enter the Hauts-Plateaux du Vercors Nature Reserve, with specific regulations to know and respect!

Be careful, there is no markup on the section of the route that is located in the reserve.

If possible, do not practice this loop in foggy weather and have a compass and 1/25 000 card.

You are on summery areas, maybe you will meet protective dogs, often Patous. Always be sure to bypass the herds, while remaining calm while the dog identifies you, not caressing or threatening them.

Is in the midst of the park
The national park is an unrestricted natural area but subjected to regulations which must be known by all visitors.

Information desks

Place Pietri, 26 420 La Chapelle-en-Vercors

04 75 48 22 54

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Access and parking

From Chapelle-en-Vercors, follow the direction of the Col de Rousset via the D518, going through Saint-Agnan-en-Vercors. From the station of Col de Rousset, take the direction of the Plateau de Beure by the D815, ample parking on site.

From Die, take the Col de Rousset on the D518. From the resort of Col de Rousset take the direction of the Plateau de Beure by the D815, ample parking on site.

Parking :

Parking of the plateau de Beure

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