The plateau d'Ambel (Royans Vercors n°52)
By mountain bike
The plateau d'Ambel (Royans Vercors n°52)

The plateau d'Ambel (Royans Vercors n°52)

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For the more sporting enthusiasts of mountain bike, this complete and varied circuit is cut out for you!
Guaranteed sensations and breathtaking scenery, rolling sections interspersed with technical passages on singles, an unforgettable sporting route.

1 point of interest

Col de la Bataille

Several hypotheses exist as to the origin of the name of the Col de la Bataille. It could be that the name comes from the conflict between the monks of Leoncel and the monks of the other slope for the supremacy of the breeding Ovin. Another hypothesis evokes the confrontation between the winds of the North and the winds of the South.
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1.">Departure from the parking lot of Grand Echaillon, take the direction of the Col du Lion 1. Always follow the MTB beacons no. 52 in black and the yellow and green markings between each directional sign. 2 puis amorçer progressivement la belle descente jusqu'à Bouvante-le-Haut 3. ">Continue on the itinerary of the Grand Tour du Vercors passing by Gampaloux 2 and then gradually start the beautiful descent to Bouvante-le-Haut 3.

From there, continue south through Logue before going up the Toulau creek. 4.">Beware in rainy weather, some passages can be delicate and slippery until the famous Saut de la Truite 4. 5, attention vous entrez sur le domaine d'Ambel classé Espace Naturel Sensible, une réglementation est à respecter !">At Gardiol parking lot 5, be careful you enter the Ambel estate, classified as a Natural Area Sensitive, regulations must be observed! 7 en passant par la Combe de la Louvaterre et Le Verâtre 6.">Join the Ambel Refuge 7 via the Combe de la Louvaterre and Le Verâtre 6. 8, contourner le Roc de Toulau pour rallier le Col de la Bataille 9 par le GR 93. Terminer cette magnifique boucle en roulant jusqu'à la Pelouse de la Sausse 10 puis la Bergerie du Grand">At the Pas du Gouillat 8, bypass the Roc de Toulau to reach the Col de la Bataille 9 by the GR 93. Finish this magnificent loop by driving to La Pelouse de la Sausse 10 11.">Echaillon 11.
Departure : Place name Le Grand Echaillon (parking)
Arrival : Place name Le Grand Echaillon (parking)
Towns crossed : Léoncel, Bouvante, Omblèze

Altimetric profile

Sensitive areas

Along your trek, you will go through sensitive areas related to the presence of a specific species or environment. In these areas, an appropriate behaviour allows to contribute to their preservation. For detailed information, specific forms are accessible for each area.
Golden eagle
Impacted practices:
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Sensitivity periods:
Peregrine falcon
Impacted practices:
Sensitivity periods:


Be careful when crossing the cliffs. You will cross part of the regulated departmental area of Ambel, picking flowers is prohibited. Similarly on a large part of the circuit, dogs are prohibited by departmental decree from May 1 to October 30, even on a leash. Thinking about closing the gates of the parks is also to think of the shepherds and the flocks!

Information desks

13 Place de l'Eglise, 26190 Saint-Jean-en-Royans

04 75 48 61 39

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Access and parking

From Saint-Jean-Royans, follow the D70 through Oriol-en-Royans. At Léoncel, take the D199 D199 on the left towards Col de la Bataille.

Parking :

Place name Le Grand Echaillon

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