The 45ème Parallèle
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The 45ème Parallèle

The 45ème Parallèle

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Go to the symbolic monument representing the passage of the 45th parallel (bronze edifice), you will be exactly halfway between the North Pole and Ecuador!
After a departure from the charming village of Corrençon-en-Vercors, discover the beautiful mountain golf of the same name, then gradually sink into the forest, up to the imaginary line of the 45th Parallel.

Sumptuous panoramas on the mountains of the eastern barrier of the Vercors will be offered progressively to you.

6 points of interest

  • Les Murgers

    The name would come from a Burgundian word. It is true that from Bourgogne to the Ardèche, the stones grow well in limestone fields! These piles of pebbles at the edge of the field are the result of the stoning patient, over time, realized by generations of obstinate peasants to gain arable land. Sometimes, they are mounted in low walls to delimit enclosures and plots.It is also a beautiful refuge for rampant wildlife in search of shelter.
  • Zecamp

    A few months ago, Marie Dorin-Habert, accompanied by her husband, Lois, and the cross-country skier, Robin Duvillard, set themselves an innovative and interesting project, called "Zecamp". Zecamp is an accommodation and restaurant structure at the departure point for the cross-country skiing, golf and Vercors high plateau reserve trails, open to the general public all year round. Created by high level sports people living in the Vercors, the formula is more suited to a sporty public, with healthy food, the provision of maps and GPS indications, a weight room, equipment storage and repair rooms and offers for Vercors activities. The "Zecamp Outdoor Activity Center" should open in Autumn 2018 in Corrençon-en-Vercors. see the video
  • 45th Parallel

    The 45th parallel of north latitude is halfway between Ecuador and the North Pole, which are each 5,000 kilometers away. At the same latitude, there is the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve in Europe, and in Yellowstone National Park, created in 1872 and the first national park in the world.
  • The CAMP 2 of the maquis of Vercors

    It was at the Puits des Ravières that the CAMP 2 of the maquis of Vercors was installed in 1942; Bringing together young people who refrains from the occupation of France. Indeed, here water is rare, it is one of the rare places where shepherds, hunters, woodcutters, speleos and maquisards have drawn water.
  • Lapiaz

    Along the route, you can admire the lapiaz, which result from the run-off of water on the surface of limestone slabs. The limestone being soluble in the water of the gutters are formed and draw miniature canyons, the water then infiltrates in the cracks to join the underground network.
  • Biathlon Stadium

    The Vercors is a land of champions. You can see the training facilities for biathletes, including the 5.5 km rollerski trail and its 25-target shooting range.


1, en suivant Les Martins, Les Picauds, Les Murgers.">Departure from Corrençon-en-Vercors, in front of the tourist office, take the alley in front direction Le Golf 1, following Les Martins, Les Picauds, Les Murgers. 2 et Le Clariant.">At the golf course, continue towards the 45th Parallel via the Cross of Jacques, Pierre Copante, Les Resineux, Les Eyssarteaux, Les Bornes 2 and Le Clariant. 3 et le 45ème Parallèle.">From there, take the direction of Lautaret, then Camp II 3 and the 45th Parallel. The monument of the 45th Parallel is located a few meters away, in front of a place of memory dedicated to the resistance during World War II. You can also follow Le Puits which will take you to the Puits des Ravières, a rare permanent water point here resulting from the convergence of the run-off in the center of a clay basin (attention, it is unfortunately impossible To obtain water).

The return trip is made by the GR 91 following the direction of Corrençon-en-Vercors by Camp II, Les Ravières, Rocher de l'Echalet, Les Feuillus, Cross of the Mass, Le Clariant, then Le Champ de la Bataille , Les Charmeyennes, the Cross of Jacques and Le Golf. From there, join the village by Les Murgers, Les Picauds, then Les Martins.
  • Departure : Tourist Office of Corrençon-en-Vercors
  • Arrival : Tourist Office of Corrençon-en-Vercors
  • Towns crossed : Corrençon-en-Vercors


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You will go through a dense area of physical and sporting activities of any kind, from golf to rollerskis through more traditional activities. Also, pay attention to space sharing and respect for other users!

Information desks

Le village, 38250 Corrençon-en-Vercors

http://www.villarddelans-correnconenvercors.com04 76 95 81 75

Access and parking

From Villard-de-Lans follow the direction of Corrençon-en-Vercors following the D 215.

Park on your right at the entrance of the village, the Tourist Office is about 100m away.

Parking :

Main car park at the entrance of the village

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