Inspiration Vercors

Vercors inspiration: a brand, values

A delicate exercise in condensing, synthesizing the diversity, energy and personality of a territory… We, inhabitants of the Vercors, have taken up the challenge and we recognize in these words: freedom, protection, healing and transmission which reflect our identity.

These values, without their concrete translation into a promise kept, mean nothing to you, curious visitor, who has come to discover our protected natural territory...but not under a bell. We are committed to translating these meaningful words into evidence.

Inspiration Vercors brings together the communities of municipalities of the Vercors, the Vercors Regional Natural Park, the professionals of the territory. This collective works in partnership with the Departments and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

You will be surprised by the freedom of movement, of action, allowed on this regulated territory. Tools (apps, roadbooks, etc.) will allow you to walk in complete safety, in freedom: freedom that goes hand in hand with the responsibility of taking care of our territory. Value partly linked to history and resistance, but which you will feel through the energy to undertake, innovate, create, without fear of being judged or stigmatized.

During your stay in Vercors, we especially want to share and pass on our traditions, our history, our heritage: the recipe for Vercouline, the history of the Abbey of Léoncel, the reintroduction of Gypaëte... in short, the understanding of our unique ecosystem. . You will be presented with a large map of our limestone mountain range of the Pre-Alps, straddling Isère and Drôme: relief divided into several regions: Quatre Montagnes, Coulmes, Vercors Drômois, Hauts-Plateaux and, in the foothills, Royans, Gervanne, Diois and Trièves. We are sometimes nicknamed "Fortress".

This component is central to our identity. We have been a regional natural park since 1970, a member of Europarc, with SD initiatives for more than 10 years (waste management, responsible purchasing and short circuits, etc.). We cherish this legacy of Mother Nature, the Hauts Plateaux nature reserve. Air and water quality are at the heart of our concerns, soft mobility has been encouraged in the Vercors for years, carpooling is called illicov here! Aware of the chance to live in the heart of such a nugget, protecting it, for us, for you, is essential.

Finally, aware of the violence of the world, the stress, the pollution, the fake news and the primacy of the economy over everything else, we live here and welcome you to regain strength, to recharge your batteries. Eating healthy, practicing physical activities, detoxifying in the middle of the forest or looking at a sky unpolluted by lights and smoke, it is possible to take care of yourself, of yourself, to be healthy, with kindness. Ask your doctor to prescribe a stay in the Vercors...