Vulture path in Archiane

Vulture path in Archiane

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The Archiane Circus has become a breeding ground for the tawny vulture. It combines many assets to generate exceptional aerology and facilitate the flight. The cliffs, their verticality, their extent, their limestone nature and their southern exposure, offer an exceptional habitat. The "Vulture Trail" provides a better understanding of the presence of four species of Vultures present in the Vercors.
From the picturesque hamlet of Archiane, walk along the path dominated by the majestic cliffs of Cirque d'Archiane, between rocks, boxwood and undergrowth.

4 points of interest

  • The circus of Archiane

    The impressive limestone cliffs of the circus of Archiane dominate the hamlet of the same name of more than 1000 m. More than 100 million years ago, we were here under an ocean, this one deposited the sediments that now form the plateau of the Vercors. Then, the uprising of the Alps, as well as erosion gave its current form to the site. It is a place where the fauna (Bouquetin, Chamois, Gypaète Barbu, Griffon Vulture ...) and the flora are rich there. Outdoor activities are also very present with hiking and climbing.
  • The reintroduction of Vultures

    Discover the story of a reintroduction, the stages, the social value of the Vulture, the conditions to "apply" as a home site, the working method. A long-running adventure that is now managed in a network throughout Europe.
  • Life cycle

    The Vercors can offer you the chance to observe 4 species of vultures. Each of them has a life cycle specific to it maintly because of its feeding behavior. On the right, this frieze of the size of a cinereous vulture nest (4,92ft in diameter and 2,62ft high), will unveil the stages that punctuate one year of life of the 4 species of the Vercors.
  • the heart of the nesting area

    Above you, in the cliffs of Archiane, cavities and vires shelter the nests of griffon vulture. More than fifty couples nest on this limestone slope. Facing south, the Cirque d’Archiane offers optimal conditions of flight. The Rambarde of births guides your eyes to help you locate the nests. Every week, a park ranger from the Vercors Regional Natural Park observes and records the couple of vultures and their young. It places landmarks where you will be able to observe the griffon vultures in their nests.


Departure from Archiane (parking 200 meters before the hamlet), join the first houses by the small road, a directional sign invites you to follow "The Vultures Trail" through L'Aubaise 1. By the GR 93, a path furrowing in the boxwood makes it possible to reach the crossroads of L'Aubaise. From there, leave the GR that goes north and the High Plateaux of the Vercors to Belvedere 2. After a nice break at this beautiful place, continue on the trail always following the yellow and green markings. You soon arrive at the bottom of Cirque d'Archiane. The rest of the path leads gradually to the starting point of this magnificent walk.
  • Departure : Hamlet of Archiane (parking)
  • Arrival : Hamlet of Archiane (parking)
  • Towns crossed : Treschenu-Creyers


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Access and parking

From Châtillon-en-Diois, take the direction of Menée by the D120. In the town of Menée take the direction of Archiane by the D224.

From Chichilianne take the D7 to the Ménée pass and then the D120 to Menée. In the town of Menée take the direction of Archiane by the D224.

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