The path of Karst
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The path of Karst

The path of Karst

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The Karst trail is set up by the Departmental Council of Drôme on land owned and managed by it as a sensitive natural area, accompanied by a small explanatory booklet available in neighboring tourist offices.
Without large reliefs that would stop the view, the Alpine pasture of Font d'Urle is a vast steppe of altitude where the view carries to kilometers. The karstic path makes you discover a multitude of impressive geological forms, resulting from the dissolution of the limestone rock by the water.

1 point of interest

  • The glacière of Font d'Urle

    With a lamp and being careful not to slip, you can enter this long sloping cavity, at the bottom of which you sometimes find ice even in summer.This strange phenomenon, to which the place owes its name, is due to the narrowing of the cavity in its middle, which traps the cold air at the bottom. When moisture penetrates through the ceiling, the temperature is low enough for the water to freeze and form stalactites.In other times, the shepherds sometimes used this shelter as a "fridge", to conserve carcasses of animals!


Anecdotes, stories, scientific explanations, the booklet allows you to intelligently navigate this route. The path is marked with small polished limestone markers. Larger stations mark the stations described in the fascicle.

It takes about two hours to go through it in complete tranquility.
  • Departure : Font d'Urle
  • Arrival : Font d'Urle
  • Towns crossed : Bouvante and Saint-Julien-en-Quint



In order to better understand the functioning of the karstic system, it is recommended to obtain the explanatory booklet available in tourist offices.

You are on the summer pastures (domestic herds), maybe you will meet protective dogs, often Patou.

Always be sure to bypass the herds, while remaining calm while the dog identifies you, not caressing or threatening them.

Use the passageways to cross the fences, close the gates and barriers.

Stay on the marked paths is also respect private property.

Information desks

Place Pietri, 26 420 La Chapelle-en-Vercors 75 48 22 54

Access and parking

From Vassieux-en-Vercors, take the direction of Font d'Urle via the D76 until Chaud Clapier, then by the D76b.

Parking :

Parking of Font d'Urle

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